Work & Witness Projects

We have 4 W&W Projects lined up for Days of Renewal 2022. Pictures and descriptions of the projects are listed below in order of priority. Cost per individual: $50 for the weekend (3-nights) or $100 for the week (6-nights) Cost per family: $100 for the weekend (3-nights) or $200 for the week (6-nights).

Churches can participate by providing a Work & Witness team and/or project funding. All funding received for the projects can be sent directly to Kellogg Springs Camp (checks made out to: OPD Church of the Nazarene) and documentation for point-to-point giving from the General Church of the Nazarene can be completed. Nazarene churches will need to register their W&W team on the W&W website and collect the money for the individuals and families attending from their churches. Project and team funding should be sent to Kellogg Springs Camp, 1111 Kellogg Camp Ln, Oakland, OR 97462. Individuals and Families should also register for lodging and food needs at Kellogg Springs Camp by going here. Questions about any of this can be directed to Pastor Missy Humber at


The vision for these projects is to build connections while we transform Kellogg Springs Camp, so camp can be a place of hope, where transformation is experienced by everyone who steps foot on the campground. The main project and top priority for the Days of Renewal week/weekend is an outdoor patio area where transformation can take root. When campers gather on this area, they can enjoy a snack and social time or participate in small group discussion and prayer. We envision an environment that includes tables and seating that welcomes deep discussion and questions about what the speaker has talked with the campers about. The second project for Days of Renewal is a new section of our Stake Garden. Our Stake Garden is a place where campers can physically pound a stake into the ground representing a spiritual decision or conversation with God. This is a tangible way to express the spiritual transformation that happened while at camp. The third project is a generator shed. If camp experiences a power outage or other emergency that lasts longer than a few hours, campers will have to be sent home. This could rob campers of experiencing God’s creation, encountering the love of Christ, or expecting transformation while at Kellogg Springs Camp. We believe that the work of transformation, especially spiritual transformation, is so important, we can’t allow a power outage to interrupt the Holy Spirit’s work. The final project, if time and funding allow, is building new stairs for our summer staff house. We believe that camp is a place that everyone can expect transformation to happen. This goes for our campers and our staff. Safe entry into their housing allows for a staff’s focus to be on spiritual matters instead of preoccupied with physical needs.


Patio Projectexcavation crew and to help rebuild the stairs, come as early as May 23rd or 24th. Garden paver crew come for the weekend.

The Patio Project is our main project, and we need a team of helpers for both the week leading into Memorial Day Weekend and the during the weekend. Groups can come as early as Monday, May 23rd, in order to level and prepare the ground for the patio pavers. We need those who are skilled in excavation and dirt work. Another group skilled in construction is needed to rebuild the stairs that lead to the patio area. On the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, we need a group skilled in working with their hands or landscaping is needed to lay the pavers and complete a small landscape wall. This is a large area and many hands will make the work light. If time and funding allow, the final step of this project would be a wood-framed building on top of the pavers. We are hoping to have a prefabricated building to put together. If funding is not available for this project, it will be postponed to a later date.
Cost for this project is: $15,000 (for just the patio) or $28,000 for patio and building
Stake Garden Projectcan be completed during the week or over the weekend

The Stake Garden Skilled laborers and helpers are needed to assemble and paint 4-foot fence pickets and posts to make a new section for our Stake Garden. Cost of project: $500

Generator ProjectThis project will be added to the schedule if funding for the Patio and Stake Garden Projects have been met.

The Generator Shed (if funding, time, and volunteers allow) For this project, we are in need of a licensed electrician. This person would need to be in contact with Kellogg Springs Camp prior to arrival as an electrical permit would need to be obtained before the work. We are also in need helpers who are skilled in construction and carpentry. For this project, insulation of conduit, pouring of a concrete slab and potentially framing of an approximate 12×12 building are needed. Project cost: $15,000

Staff House Stairs Project – This project will be added to the schedule if funding for the Patio, Days of Renewal and Generator Project are received.

The Staff House Stairs (if funding, time, and volunteers allow) We need helpers who are skilled in construction. We need to construct a landscape wall, back-fill and grade gravel, and construct two new entryway stairs. The area in front of the staff house needs to be back-filled and leveled to allow for safe entry into the staff house. This house is used in the summer for our summer staff but in the winter for guests/campers. There are two entrances into the staff house, both will need new stairs built to code.