Days of Renewal 2023

Days of Renewal is a time where friends of Kellogg Springs Camp can come together to do big things to transform camp. Friends of KSC can be a part of transforming the lives of everyone who comes to camp by helping make a welcoming, loving environment that fosters growth and change. Although there are maintenance projects that we need help with (weed-eating, blowing off roofs, ect), this is not the primary focus. The primary focus is to come together to accomplish bigger projects, projects we can’t do alone.

This year’s big projects will include finishing the patio project from last year. This will include painting the snack shack and completing the inside. The projects we will be tackling if funding, time and volunteers allow are the following (in order): Patio Project, Finishing the new section of the Stake Garden, Generator Project and Staff House Stairs Project.

We need volunteers skilled in construction, landscaping construction, and manual labor. We also are in need of a licensed and bonded electrician who can practice in Oregon. If you want to come help but are not skilled in these ways, we have something for you to do! You are welcome to come as early as Sunday evening, May 21st.

Every individual or family attending must fill out a form

Online Form

Printable form must be mailed to camp

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