Summer Staff Reference Form


  • The person that has asked you to fill out this form has applied to be a part of the summer staff ministry at Kellogg Springs Camp. This camp is owned and operated by the Oregon Pacific District Church of the Nazarene. If chosen, the applicant will be doing various tasks, including, leadership in Programming, Housekeeping and working with other Summer Staff. Our main concerns for the applicant are his/her personal spiritual life and desire to share their faith as well as their maturity in making good decisions and working in a team environment.
  • I encourage you to give your evaluation of the applicant as you have seen him/her live and perform on a daily basis. It is our desire to hire a staff person who is trustworthy, caring and loving toward children, teens and adults. It is imperative that all our summer staff are positive role models.
  • Thank you. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!
  • -Missy Humber, Executive Director
  • Referent Information

  • Perception of The Applicant

  • Attributes

  • Please enter the appropriate number for the following attributes. (1= Poor, 5= Average, 10=Excellent).
  • Comfortability of Applicant

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